Santa? Not In Our House! | Our Alternative Christmas Story

Santa. The staple character of most western Christmases. Not in our house. I know, Scrooge, how could we not tell the girls about Santa!? Won’t they miss out on all of the magic!? The answer to both of these questions is a resounding¬†NO.¬†

Aside from personal beliefs, which we will get to in minute, there is one very important reason why we don’t tell the traditional Santa story. In most tales, Santa soars through the sky, sliding down chimneys to deliver presents to all of the boys and girls….

To most this would seem an innocent tale. But to us the message of a stranger coming into the house whilst your family sleeping, is not one we want the girls to thing is acceptable. Christmas or not. The last thing we want is them welcoming an intruder just because it’s Christmas.

This doesn’t mean however that the girls miss the magical stories of Christmas. Instead we tell a slightly different tale.

A tale of Mother Christmas, a female reindeer who flies across the skies carrying the sun’s light between her antlers, bringing gifts of warmth, food, clothes and toys. This tale goes back to ancient Scandinavia and the reindeer symbology can be seen in many different cultures! The wise women of this time also dressed in red with red hat’s adorned with white fur, fitting that Santa stereotype very well.

This tale can of course be adapted to the more modern take if desired. Simply make Rudolf a female and you have modern Mother Christmas! Of course you can then choose to include Santa or not depending on your own beliefs. To make visiting more ‘santa’ themed places easier, when the girls are older we will most likely be including santa in our Christmas story. The reindeer will simply be female and there will be no strange man creeping down the chimney at night!

This year, a lot has been discussed in relation to where presents come from. Again in this, the girls aren’t told Mother Christmas is responsible for all of the presents. We want the girls to know that we work hard to give them thoughtful gifts and that giving is important.

However, we do have a select few smaller gifts that come from Mother Christmas. These are wrapped differently and made special. Most importantly, they are of ‘equal value’ in the girls eyes, tying in with our minimalist Christmas. Nobody is more important to Mother Christmas. Everyone is treated the same. A message I can totally get behind.

Whilst somewhat different to the traditional western Christmas, we definitely prefer it this way. The girls still get to have fun with a magical story at Christmas. Just with a slightly different tale!

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