Build A Wildlife Garden | Animal Habitats

wildife habitat

As stated in our previous post, using the right flowers in your garden is essential if you want to support the local wildlife. However, there are lots of other ways to give the wildlife a helping hand, such as creating specific habitats. From mini ponds to bug hotels, there are options for gardens of all…

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Homeschool With The Seasons | Autumn Activities

Here at Growing Up With Nature, we are a big fan of using natural resources to bring nature into the classroom, as well as keeping schooling costs down! Luckily, Mother Nature is fantastic at supplying beautiful schooling supplies all year round. Here we cover just a few options for our favourite time of year, Autumn!…

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Nature Activities For Winter

It’s safe to say winter has well and truly arrived in England. Icy winds and downpours of rain, not to mention being knee deep in mud…. This may leave many of you wondering what outdoor activities can be enjoyed during winter. The answer: Many! We have put together a list of some of our favourite…

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