Nature Activities For Winter

It’s safe to say winter has well and truly arrived in England. Icy winds and downpours of rain, not to mention being knee deep in mud…. This may leave many of you wondering what outdoor activities can be enjoyed during winter. The answer: Many!

We have put together a list of some of our favourite activities to do during the coldest months of the year. The possibilities are endless when it comes to nature! All that’s needed is a little imagination.

Track Spotting

With the endless amounts of mud, or snow if your lucky, winter is the perfect time to work on spotting tracks. Whether it’s your favourite local wildlife or even making your own funny footprints, this one is bound to be a fun task for all!

Where will the tracks go? Will they lead to food, or perhaps a nice cosy bed? You can download our track guide in our online store here.

Feed The Birds & Bird Spotting

Colder weather means hungry birds. Get creative and make a DIY bird feeder (we have plenty of fantastic tutorials on our Pinterest!). Take the bird feeder to your favourite spot, or even hang it in your garden, then wait and see what birds come to visit!

There are plenty of local bird guides available on the internet. Will you be able to spot birds specific to your area? Maybe you will see a squirrel or two! What birds visit just for winter? This is a fantastic activity for colder days, helps the wildlife and can be enjoyed with a flask of hot chocolate. Perfect.

Scavenger Hunt

We love a good nature scavenger hunt here at GUWN. Whilst the leaves are gone, some animals are hibernating and the landscape can look a little barren, there is still plenty to spot in winter! From pinecones, to icy spider webs and snowflakes, Nature puts in a beautiful display.

Grab a scavenger hunt from our store and head out to your local woodland or park. How many can you spot? Maybe collect some interesting objects to create a winter themed display at home!

Create Stick Sculpture

No matter what time of year, sticks are everywhere! In all shapes and sizes they are never hard to find. Why not create some stick sculptures together? Who can stack them the highest? What sort of shapes can you make?

We love making wigwams out of larger sticks! Such great fun for all of the family!

Capture Nature’s Beauty

In the age of technology, cameras are right on hand. Nature is beautiful in winter. The bare tree limbs make the perfect frames, and an early frosty morning looks sinply magical!

Tog up, take some snacks and head outdoors. Take a disposable camera or simply use your phone (if you’re brave ebough) and see what amazing pictures your little ones can capture. It’s fascinating seeing the world from their point of view. What do they see as beautiful?

Once home, you can select the best and print them out to create some amazing winter collages!

These are just a few of the many activities you can enjoy in winter. Despite the colder weather you are bound to have a good time! Don’t forget to splash in some puddles too!

Share your winter adventures with us on Instagram, we love to see what everyone gets up to.

7 Replies to “Nature Activities For Winter”

  1. Fantastic ideas!!! Love them all… I’m a huge outdoor nature person…. just to add to your list… painting what they experienced outdoors on a small canvas from the dollar store is also really enjoyable 🤗

  2. I don’t live in England, but I love these ideas! Im always trying to get out more and it’s hard in the winter. I would love to take some beautiful pictures next time it snows

    1. Hi Rachel!
      Where are you located? I know winter is so so hard! Especially with very young, less hardy children… Toddlers don’t seem to care so much haha! I am really glad you enjoyed the post! We would love to see some pictures of winter where you are!

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