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Here at Growing Up With Nature, we are a big fan of using natural resources to bring nature into the classroom, as well as keeping schooling costs down! Luckily, Mother Nature is fantastic at supplying beautiful schooling supplies all year round. Here we cover just a few options for our favourite time of year, Autumn!

Counting With Conkers

Conkers are big, shiny, great to touch and generally an all around Autumn favourite. They are also a brilliant tool for counting lessons!

Being relatively large, they are perfect for placing onto a table and visually representing numbers and calculations. Children can move them around , matching them to number flashcards for example, providing tactile and engaging learning.

For younger learners, holes can be drilled into the conkers and a string threaded through to help stop conkers disappearing into curious mouths.

Autumn Leaf Art

There is nothing quite as pretty as the rich colour of Autum leaves. See how many your little ones can collect and use to create stunning collages.

All of the different shapes, sizes and colours can make for some truly wonderful pictures. We love decorating our Animal Colouring Packs with rich leaves to create some truly autumnal art for our walls!

Leaves, such as ferns, can also be dipped into paint to create some fantastic leave prints! Its affordable, fun and will last forever!

Berry  Painting

Save money on buying paints by using natures own! Autumn is the perfect time to head out and find the remaining blackberries  that can be taken home, smashed up (another fun activity for your wild ones!) and used to create beautiful Autumn pictures.

You don’t need a lot of berries for this one either, so all of the extras can be used to make some delicious apple crumble, perfect for after an afternoon crafting!

Sensory Wonderland

For the younger ages, Autumn provides many natural additions to your sensory bins. Conkers, pinecones, dried leaves and smooth sticks can all provide a variety of textures and shapes for toddlers and babies to explore.

For those not afraid of the mess, mud can also be  a great sensory experience! Just make sure you have an old bed sheet on the floor or to keep this one outside….there is no limit to where they can hurl mud!

Just be sure not to provide them with anything too small that could pose as a choking hazard, and ensure they are supervised at all times,  as we all know babies love to put EVERYTHING in their mouths!

Pinecone Animals

Pinecones are amazing for creating all sorts of creatures, especially hedgehogs. All you need is a pinecone of your choice, some clay/felt and googley eyes to create a face. Whilst this activity does require some additional resources not found in nature to give your little hedgehog a cute face, there are many different materials you can use to do this, making it a perfect budget friendly activity.

Why not create a little hedgehog family with different sizes of pinecones? These can then be used during Autumn themed play sessions!

There really is no limit to the number of activities you can create using just the resources nature provides at this time of year. Autumn is our favourite season for this reason! Not too cold outside for those woodland walks and still a whole host of adventures just waiting to be had.

We have included a small collection of ideas here, but if you wish you see more fantastic ideas then head over to our Autumn Activity Pinterest board here where you can find some amazing ideas created by other nature lovers!

It may be November but Autumn is far from over. What are your favourite Autumn activities?


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