Autumn Family Bucket List

Another season is upon us! In England, Autumn has well and truly arrived. The leaves have turned to beautiful reds and oranges, and with it the colder nights!

As a family we absolutely love Autumn. Last year, Aria was only just 2 months old and we were still getting to grips with being first time parents. This year, we have a much better handle on things. So we decided to put together a Autumn bucket list! Hopefully it will inspire you to create your own!

Visit A Forest

This is one we have already managed to achieve! We just love exoloring the local woodland, and had been meaning to visit the local forest since moving to Suffolk.

We decided to visit Rendlesham forest near Woodbridge and we were not disappointed! Miles and miles of pine forest with a dense carpet of ferns. Sheer perfection! What was even better? The silence! The forest was so quiet and due to its size you rarely saw another person.

This is such a good activity to enjoy as a family. Nothing beats getting back into nature and totally relaxing. Not to mention it is also free! Have a look for your local woodland or forest and take a family trip out. We promise you won’t regret it!

Attend A Bonfire

I love bonfires. I always have. But due to having a low fence with our neighbors and the garden being mostly decking, we are unable to host one of our own.

So this year we have made it part of our Autumn bucket list to attend a bonfire. There is just something special about cosying up together around a fire and welcoming the return of Autumn. Luckily with Halloween and Guy Fawkes night just around the corner there are plenty to attend.

We have managed to find a Viking and Saxon festival in Stonham Barns at the end of the month, that boasts a huge bonfire and lots of entertainment! Some of these events can be pricey, but it’s worth keeping an eye out on social media and the local newspaper to see what is going on.

Have A Snuggly Movie Night

This one goes hand in hand with the colder weather. There is nothing better than a warm blanket, cuddles on the sofa and lots of delicious food!

Obviously, this was easier last year when it was just us and a newborn Aria, rather than a toddler and a newborn. But we can still try! Plus now Aria actually watches TV we can put on a great family film and enjoy all of the snacks together.

Now to just decide what film to watch! Any suggestions?

Pick Pumpkins For Halloween

Halloween, or Samnhain as we call it, is simply not the same without going pumpkin picking. We used to buy ours from a store, but last year we  visited our first pumpkin farm and loved it!!

This can easily be coupled with conquering a corn maze. Most pumpkin farms have a whole range of activities at their open days!

Splash In Puddles

Rain, rain and more rain. That sums up Autumn in the United Kingdom. But why let this spoil your fun? As kids we used to love splashing about in the puddles, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy it as an adult too!

Puddles are free and easy to find. It can be coupled with a trip to the local park,  and it will certainly tire your children out! Just make sure you pack an extra set of clothes or have some on the radiator waiting for you to get home!

Autumn is truly full of fun things for you to enjoy as a family. These are only a very small selection. We are aiming to complete our Autumn bucket list in good time so that we can get some more extra fun activities in! It is Halloween after all!

If you would like some ideas for Autumn crafts to enjoy click here.

What is on your Autumn bucket list?

Does your family have any plans for Halloween?

Let us know below!

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