5 Autumn Activities Your Family Can Enjoy!

‎Autumn is a fantastic time to get out and exploring nature. The rich colours of the trees, crunchy leaves and a nip in the air that reminds you winter is just around the corner. Whilst it may seem that the harsher weather may be cause to head indoors, this couldn’t be further from the truth! So here are 5 Autumn activities that you and your family can enjoy!

Autumn Leaf Bunting

Those red, orange and yellow hues are perfect for decorating the home in time for Halloween. Simply head out to your nearest woodland or park and spend some time collecting the prettiest leaves. Children love the challenge of finding different colours and shapes! Then once you have collected enough, head home and use some tape  or staples (with parental supervision) to secure them to a ribbon or length of paper. There are so many options available with this craft that you can really tailor it to what you have in the house.

Pinecone Hedgehogs

These cute little guys will certainly add some character to any playroom! Plus they are so simple to make. Have fun collecting a variety of pinecones, different sizes means you can make a whole family of hedgehogs. Then cut a piece of brown paper into a fan shape, and stick down the edge to form a cone. Draw on some eyes, ears and of course a cute little nose, then place over the end of the pine cone.

If you want to create a scene for your pinecone hedgehogs try decorating a piece of green paper or placing some autumn leaves around them!

Autumn Leaf Painting

This fantastic activity posted by Arty Crafty Kids, shows a brilliant way to get creative with nature. Head out to the woods and collect lots of leaves, the more variety the better, then place these onto a piece of paper, securing with blue tack or you can simply hold them down one at a time. Once the leaves are in a position you like, use some paint and a sponge to colour your piece of paper. This creates a fantastic leaf print effect that you can display all year round!

Conker Snake

This is a great activity to do as a family since an adult is required. Collect as many shiny conkers as you can from your local woodland. Then have an adult create a hole in each one, many tutorials suggest a metal skewer to do this. Once all of the conkers have a hole through the middle, thread them onto a coloured wool of your choice. You can make your snake as long or short as you like! Once all of the conkers are threaded onto the string, tie a knot in the end to secure it, then stick a pair of googley eyes and a forked tongue onto the head. Of course you can decorate your snake in anyway you want to, with paint, or other forest materials, have fun and get creative!

Other tutorials have also made conker caterpillars! The possibilities are endless.

Nature Spotting Challenge

If arts and crafts aren’t your thing, then why not head outdoors and see what you can spot! There are so many different things to see, and your little ones will have a great time looking around to find them, from pinecones to leaves it’s amazing what you can see!

Our checklist challenge’s are available from our etsy store to download as a PDF or they can also be purchased as a physical laminated copy that can be reused with a drywipe marker.


These 5 activities are only a small sample of the wide range of autumn activities that you can enjoy with your family! Pinterest has thousands of ideas, but one of the best things to do is simply get outside and see what inspires you as a family. It is amazing what children can come up with, so why not try collecting lots of forest materials and letting your children take the lead on what they want to do with them! They are sure to amaze you with their creativity.


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