I’m39221352_535711420183803_3142185863161577472_n Amy, mother to Aria and Ryver, aspiring full time blogger and author. I unexpectedly started my parenting journey in 2017 and had no idea just how much this path would change not only my life but my entire outlook and belief system.  Being an eternal academic, mid-way through a masters degree and someone who had their entire life planned out ahead of them, to say I felt lost and overwhelmed was an understatement! Now, I’m the mother to two beautiful girls, who with only 10 months between them, certainly keep me busy! Luckily, I found a great support network of like-minded mothers, who too see motherhood as a spiritual journey and aim to raise our family in a balanced compassionate way, incorporating nature as much as possible.

I have only just started out on this journey, but I hope this blog inspires other mothers to follow their own parenting journey, and to support those who feel slightly overwhelmed at the huge changes ahead of them.