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Pregnancy. It is quite simply amazing. Whilst life taken a few unexpected turns the last few years, I have been fortunate enough to experience pregnancy three times within the last 2 years. Many people wait years to see those two lines, so whilst two of three pregnancies were a complete surprise, we do feel incredibly lucky to have been given the opportunity. That being said, pregnancy is no walk in the park and it can definitely be trying at times….

So after three pregnancies in two years, how have I found the first trimester this time around? It has certainly been a challenge with two under two!

Physical Symptoms

As with the majority of pregnant women, the first trimester is always the hardest for me in terms of symptoms. This time around was no exception. For the first few months I had terrible cramps, originally thought to be caused by a stomach issue, and my morning sickness was far worse than it was with either of the girls. In both previous pregnancies, my morning sickness would come first thing in the morning and then in the late evening. However, this time it was relentless. I felt sick 24 hours a day. The only reprieve being when I slept. This is probably why I didn’t pick it up as morning sickness earlier on, it just didn’t fit my ‘normal’ pregnancy symptoms. Although, it has to be said, whilst the sickness has been more intense, it certainly didn’t last as long. With both girls, I was nauseous until 20 weeks, this time I was feeling much better by 14 weeks! A definite bonus in my books!

Blood pressure has never really been an issue for me before, I am always at a fairly constant 120/60, the only deviation being for a few days after the birth of Aria where it was raised slightly. Yet this time blood pressure has been the bane of my life! It started off perfect, but as the weeks went by my blood pressure steadily rose until it was hovering around 138/89…I had been told by my consultant that if it reached 140/90 I would have to be admitted for investigation and to rule out pre-eclampsia. With the higher blood pressure also came terrible, migraine like, headaches. For at least two weeks, I was plagued with these constant pounding headaches. Any light hurt and I literally wanted to spend the whole day in bed. Not an option with two young babies. Thankfully the consultant prescribed me with a daily low dose of Aspirin to take for the duration of my pregnancy, which has brought my blood pressure back down to around 126/70 and has completely stopped all headaches!

By the end of the first trimester, I was feeling pretty good, the sickness was subsiding, my headaches were being treated and the baby was doing really well. The only symptom I have continued to struggle with into the second trimester, is the tiredness. Pregnancy tiredness is like no other, and with a very active toddler, a now crawling baby and a business to develop, it is safe to say I am exhausted! Something I definitely don’t think is going to change any time soon!

Emotional Symptoms

Pregnancy is an emotional time. Hormones run rampage and the thought of having a small human to take care of is daunting even if it isn’t your first! For me, finding out that we were expecting our third baby in two years was probably the most emotional part of this pregnancy. You can read more about how we found out I was expecting in our pregnancy reveal post.

We certainly were not planning on having another baby so soon. This year was going to be about building our businesses, planning our wedding and of course watching our beautiful girls grow. The plan was to have another two back to back babies once we had moved to our homestead and were more settled…Life of course had the last laugh.

The news came as a really big shock for me. Not only were we seriously not planning another pregnancy, but I had already been told the risks of such close pregnancies when I was expecting Ryver. Now I was having my third pregnancy within 24 months… I was terrified.

Pregnancy is not a simple care free time for me. It is by no means as complicated as others, but it is no walk in the park. Until 20 weeks, things are fairly normal, but after then it is non-stop growth scans and counting the weeks until induction is scheduled. For those who haven’t read my previous pregnancy stories, both of my girls had IUGR (intrauterine growth restriction) and for some unknown reason, their growth starts to slow after 20 weeks and stops by 34-36, making them tiny babies at birth. This of course means a lot of worry, a lot of checks and lots of trips to make sure baby is doing ok. Needless to say, I was scared to go through the process again.

So for me, the first trimester was spent coming to terms with being pregnant again and was definitely quite emotional. I would have nights where I just lay in Rory’s arms crying, then spending hours feeling guilty because I knew just how much we would love this baby…It’s been a rollercoaster. But now, at 17 weeks, I have finally processed everything and the emotions are settling down! August is approaching at lightning speed, and I am finally excited!


One bonus of having close pregnancies is that I simply pick up where I left off. I am quite used to adapting my life with young children around my own needs as a pregnant mother. Yes this time is a bit more challenging, I have a fantastically inquisitive toddler, and a baby who has more emotions than can surely fit in her small body, but I manage. We find ways around things and I have definitely become super-mum at multitasking.

The first trimester was hard due to the sickness and headaches. Chasing around after Aria and keeping Ryver happy was almost impossible at times, an I am so grateful to my parents and Rory for helping out when I simply couldn’t manage it any more. There were times where I have thought “what the hell am I doing? How the hell am I going to manage three, when two is so hard!?” But the truth is, I will find a way and I wont be struggling with pregnancy symptoms, which certainly makes life easier.

Overall, this pregnancy, in terms of lifestyle, has mostly been the same as the previous two. I just do my best and adapt.

Whilst the physical symptoms have been trying, and the emotions were very high at the start, so far this pregnancy hasn’t been too bad! The first 12 weeks were hard but nowhere near as hard as they could have been…Some people have it a lot worse! How was your first trimester? Or if you are currently in your first 12 weeks, how are you finding it? I love reading the comments below!

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